Ace North

About me

I am a sometime science nerd, a sometime woodwork enthusiast, and an all time drinker of tea.

The science mainly concerns malaria-spreading mosquitoes. How do mosquitoes persist in places where it is hot and dry for 8 months of the year? What determines population size? Is it feasible to suppress the populations using genetic technologies? I use mathematical and statistical models to address these questions, with some help from both field entomologists and molecular biologists. I work within the project Target Malaria, and I am currently a postdoctoral research assistant at the Department of Zoology of the University of Oxford. Check out my selected publications, my Oxford University page, or my Google Scholar page for a full list of publications.

The wood stuff mainly involves me muddling around in a garden shed. I'm quite obsessed with the ancient craft of turning, which is a woodworking method I am still very much learning (probably always will be!). Check out some of my creations!

I live in East Oxford with my partner Bodil, our son Atticus, the cat Nima, and lots of fish. Before moving to Oxford we lived in a village in Norfolk (the location of the Ceder tree), and before that we were in Helsinki in Finland (where I did my PhD).


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