Ace North

Selected Publications

Modelling the potential of genetic control of malaria mosquitoes at national scale
AR North, A Burt, HCJ Godfray
BMC biology 17 (1), 26, 2019
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Large-cage assessment of a transgenic sex-ratio distortion strain on populations of an African malaria vector
L Facchinelli, AR North, CM Collins, M Menichelli, T Persampieri, et al.
Parasites & vectors 12 (1), 70, 2019

Modelling the persistence of mosquito vectors of malaria in Burkina Faso
AR North, HCJ Godfray
Malaria Journal 17 (1), 140, 2018

The use of driving endonuclease genes to suppress mosquito vectors of malaria in temporally variable environments
B Lambert, A North, A Burt, HCJ Godfray
Malaria journal 17 (1), 154, 2018

The dynamics of disease in a metapopulation: The role of dispersal range
AR North, HCJ Godfray
Journal of theoretical biology 418, 57-65, 2017

The creation and selection of mutations resistant to a gene drive over multiple generations in the malaria mosquito
AM Hammond, K Kyrou, M Bruttini, A North, R Galizi, X Karlsson, N Kranjc, et al.
PLoS genetics 13 (10), e1007039, 2017

How driving endonuclease genes can be used to combat pests and disease vectors
HCJ Godfray, A North, A Burt
BMC biology 15 (1), 81, 2017

The use of sequential mark-release-recapture experiments to estimate population size, survival and dispersal of male mosquitoes
PS Epopa, AA Millogo, CM Collins, A North, F Tripet, MQ Benedict, et al.
Parasites & vectors 10 (1), 376, 2017

Modelling the spatial spread of a homing endonuclease gene in a mosquito population
A North, A Burt, HCJ Godfray
Journal of Applied Ecology 50 (5), 1216-1225, 2013

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